Marriage Therapy


Wedding rings

I partner with couples as they work to create a more effective communication style. Finding a balance between your core truths and God’s purpose for you and your spouse will be at the center of our work together.


With a specialization in Marriage therapy, I am a brief solution focused clinician which lends to brevity.

With a team approach, we [you, your spouse, and I] will create an individualized plan of action with established goals.  You and your spouse will be equipped with the tools needed for a healthier and more successful marriage.


After 18 years of being married, I respect how difficult it may seem to talk things through; however, the possibility of walking away with healing in your marriage is well within your reach.


Living Anew within yourself and in your marriage is well within your reach.  Let’s start today.


Additional Training:

Gottman Couples Therapy Method; Level 2 Completion


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